Visiting Our Guangzhou Factory - Batch 4

Visiting Our Guangzhou Factory - Batch 4

Things have been busy at the factory! We're wrapping up production for batch four this week, and after that it's inspection time. Quality control is the final (and most important) step of the production process. Each bag goes through two rigorous 9-12 step inspections before it's approved — once at the factory and once by me before I send it to you! 

I asked a friend to pop by to snap some images for me since I couldn’t be there personally (I’m not traveling internationally at the moment).

Just a few more weeks until preorders go out :)

Items will be shipped in the order they were placed.  Preorders made before April 12th will be shipped between mid-late May, and orders placed after that will ship between end of May to mid-June.

I’ve been continuously updating the expected ship date on the product page, so these timelines should be in line with the date listed when you initially placed your order.

I can't wait for you to receive your Freja pieces. 

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