Behind The Scenes: Launch Week

Behind The Scenes: Launch Week

Coming up for air after 5 days of packing to announce that all preorders have officially been shipped! 

I polled you guys on IG about what content wanted to see from us, and you voted for a day in the life of running Freja! I posted the first video last week and the second one today. Both days are completely different — and that's one of my favorite parts of working on Freja :)

Keep reading to see what a day in the life looks like, launch week edition!

The days leading up to a big delivery, I like to prepare packaging (tape boxes, fold tissue paper, write notes, print labels) so when the bags arrive I can ship them out immediately. As you know we open up preorders about 2 months beforehand so there is usually a large backlog of orders that need to go out quickly!


Our boxes get delivered to a storage unit a few streets away from me, and I bring about 5-6 boxes home which is where I pack orders. I normally keep about 2 weeks worth of bags at my home for shipping, and replenish the stock whenever I run low. This was our biggest batch so far, and I definitely underestimated how much space 70+ boxes would take! I may have stood there in shock for a few minutes before getting down to work chipping away at the mountain of many things in life just gotta take it one box at a time :)


Back at home prepping orders — this makes up the bulk of shipping days (10AM-6PM) and I take full advantage of this time to catch up on Netflix or watch random videos on youtube. 


Handed off to Mike — and a big sigh of relief!! The next few days will look very similar as I work through all the preorders. As always, thank you so much for your patience and support!


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