Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I was lucky to be able to spend this holiday season sending little gestures of appreciation for everyone who gave us encouragement and support this year <3

First, our 2021 Freja Planner. Our second collection wasn't going to arrive in time for Christmas like I originally hoped, so I designed a planner to send as a gift to everyone who preordered. It's our way of saying hello to new beginnings and brighter days ahead. And because checking things off is fun.


Wrapping planners, with handwritten notes. 


Next, postcards for everyone who ordered a Freja bag this year, plus a few extra cards to send to friends because is there anything better than receiving a handwritten note in the mail? The holidays might look a little different this year - all the more reason to connect in a meaningful way with friends and loved ones.


A few batches of postcards ready to go. So much gratitude (and a few hand cramps).


And they're off!


The best part ❤️

Happy Holidays my loves!


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