Day in the Life: Factory Edition

Day in the Life: Factory Edition

Happy sustainability month <3  For this week's founder series, I wanted to take you through 24 hours of my life while on a work trip visiting our factory. As a business owner, frequent trips to our manufacturing facility are incredibly important. It's how stay on top of operations, nurture important relationships, and ensure quality.


6am: early morning to make my 8am flight to Guangzhou, China.

10am: Phoebe picks me up from the airport, and we drive to the factory together.

11am: walk through the factory floor. We have a 20 person team that only works on Freja bags :) Each bag requires around 30-45 steps to complete. 

Our founder, Jenny, with our core factory management team! Meet Yu, Phoebe, Zhong (the owner), and Florina. Florina is the one who greeted me 4 years ago when my dad and I did our factory tour :) She’s my main point of contact and probably the person I communicate with the most on a daily basis, even more that family and friends. She’s a mother of three and the most hardworking, organized person I know—truly Wonderwoman! I’m so lucky to have had her on our team since the beginning.


2pm: a peek at new packaging samples we're hoping to launch by summer. We discuss edits for the next round of samples. 

4pm: After a quick lunch with the team, I took the 2 hour train to Hong Kong and checked into my hotel. 

7pm: check into my hotel and get ready for a meeting with an editor at 8pm.

5am: the next morning, and I'm on the way to the airport once again, flying back to NYC. I plan to return in June to finalize packaging and plan our international shipping hub.
Absolutely no day is the same, and this happened to be an especially busy 24 hours. I hope you enjoyed this peek into a day in my life!
xoxo, Jenny 
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