Ultrafiber Factory Tour

Ultrafiber Factory Tour

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting our textiles manufacturing company! Alexis (my college roommate) gave me a one-on-one behind-the-scenes adventure through their 4-story manufacturing center. 

Our ultrafiber goes through a 32 step process from raw material to finished product, over a production line that spans over 100 meters long.

Every roll of ultrafiber starts as recycled microfiber, which gets woven and knitted into our unique base layer. I'm not able to go into too much detail about production as much of it is patented, but my favorite part is this slide for the finished materials to be packed into trucks :) 

We also spent an hour in their R&D lab, where they are constantly experimenting with new environmentally friendly textiles to make sure they meet high levels of quality and performance standards. These tests include everything from tensile strength to color fastness to longevity -- this test involves putting a piece of fabric through a machine that simulates 20~ years of wear and tear. 

I'm really proud to be working with such a forward thinking innovative company for our bags, and it's so inspiring to appreciate the complexity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship involved in every step of creating a textile, something we often take for granted.  

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