Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Dive into the world of Freja and meet the incredible team behind the magic! These are the talented souls who pour their hearts and expertise into every facet of our design and marketing, crafting the brand you've come to love as Freja. We truly wouldn't be where we are without this amazing crew. Take a moment to get acquainted with them below and see the passion behind our creations! 

Mya | Social Media

Mya is our social media extraordinaire, and is in charge of our ig, tiktok, influencer relations, partnerships, and events. I met Mya two years ago after she tagged us in a post of herself wearing the Caroline bag. We met for coffee and she mentioned she was leaving her current PR role – and the rest is history! PS – you may recognize Mya and her mom @californiaistoocasual!

Stephanie | Customer Success

Stephanie is our customer success representative, and addresses all customer inquiries and requests. If you reach out to our customer inbox, she’s the one that will take care of you :)

Alex | Email Marketing

The beautifully crafted emails that arrive in your inbox are courtesy of our email marketing team! Emma and Veronica run the show, brainstorming content and making sure everything goes out on time, and Alex creates the stunning graphics.

Pat, Joseph | Ads Team

We work with an agency created by Pat and Joseph. They’re the ones who manage our campaigns and ensure our content and messaging reach our audience where they are.

Austin & Abbey | Warehouse

Our warehouse team operates out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve been working with them since August 2021. Having a shipping partner beyond my single pair of hands has been the biggest blessing and has allowed us to grow sustainably each year.

Florina & Zhong | Manufacturing

Across the world we have our amazing manufacturing partners Florina and Zhong, who we’ve been working with since the very first batch of 300 bags. An hour away from them resides Alexis’s factory, and they manufacture our custom engineered ultrafiber leather. 

Molly | PR

We also recently hired Molly. She started her own PR agency last year and we’re super excited to welcome her to the Freja family.

Jenny | Founder

And finally, there’s me! As the founder, my main role is creating and implementing our strategy. I plan out the entire year in advance and break it all down into weekly goals and daily to-dos. I am in charge of everything product related (design, manufacturing, inventory), operations, our finances, our content and event calendar, and oversee everything and check in with all teams daily.

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