Letter from our founder

Letter from our founder

Hello friends, new and old :)

As 2023 winds down I wanted to share a note of gratitude for all of you — thank you for your support this year and once again, for making Freja possible.
Four years ago I sat down at the built-in desk unit in my college dorm, picked up a pencil, and sketched something vaguely resembling a tote bag. Not particularly inspiring. I thought to myself, no one is born a designer, but let’s see where we are in a few years time. 

That sketch would eventually become the Linnea tote. And today, I sit at my built-in desk unit at my apartment in New York City and look up at the shelves filled with bags that this community has given our team the confidence and purpose to bring into the world. Each one has been an ongoing labor of love, and a testament to redefining how your accessories can support you — and how a brand can exist meaningfully in the world.

This year marks another defining chapter of building Freja, graced by collaborations with inspiring women and dear friends Remy Park and Olivia McDowell, new milestones, and expansion into the retail space at Flying Solo NYC. It’s been an honor to embark on this journey together with all of you.

May your holidays be filled with love, joy, and gratitude, and here's to a new year filled with endless possibilities.

Jenny xo

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