Why We Don't Participate in Black Friday

Why We Don't Participate in Black Friday

You are probably getting a lot of Black Friday ads and emails this week, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share something meaningful. 

This Black Friday, we hope you get to spend less time online, and more time outside :) Please think twice, three times before making a purchase, and support companies that share your values. Focus your energy on loved ones, and don't let shopping define the holidays. And if you are able, donate to organizations that are doing important work. 

I also wanted to share some blog posts I wrote while reflecting on this past year: 

1. The lessons we learned in our first year of business.

2. How much it costs to make a Freja bag.

We've learned a lot about how to build a sustainable brand, and that means opting out of overconsumption - every day, and especially on the biggest sales day of the year. For Freja, now is the most important time of the year to slow down and focus our energy towards making a positive change. 

In a world where 100 billion garments are made for 7 billion people, we can’t afford not to. It's why we only launch 2-3 times a year, so we can spend the rest of our time learning how to make a better product with smaller impact. 

We hope every Freja bag is a well considered purchase made on your own time, and one you can feel good about.

For every order placed between 11/23 - 11/30, we will donate $10 to 350, a nonprofit organization committed to tackling global environmental and social issues. We will donate $10 to Feeding America, to help families through these challenging times. We will also be giving back 2% of our proceeds to our factory, to show our appreciation for all their hard work every day, and especially through this tough year.

We are also happy to direct your donation towards a different organization that feels meaningful to you, simply leave a note with your order or email us hello@frejanyc.com <3. I have also made a personal donation to both of these causes.


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