We're lucky to be small.

We're lucky to be small.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking into outside warehousing options (called 3PLs) because that’s what you’re *supposed* to do. But none of the warehousing options I spoke with were able to offer customizations. No personal notes, not even writing your name on a card. I guess it makes sensfrom an efficiency standpoint. But it doesn't feel right for Freja at the moment. 

One thing I've learned to do is turn everything into a positive. We're not small. We're lucky to have a manageable amount of inventory where I can still pack each one myself and leave a personal note. When you’ve spent almost a year designing and another two months making them, every bag feels almost like an old friend that deserves to be packed with love being shipped off into the wild.

It's my goal to continue on this course, growing slowly, scaling responsibly, and  building a community at the heart of it all.  And until we build an in-house fulfillment station, catch me with my rolling cart, dropping off your packages with with Marwa at our local USPS every afternoon :)


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