Restock Update

Restock Update

Each Jan - late Feb is when our factory takes a well deserved break, and I always take this time to buckle down and eat, live, breathe our designs for the year. 

I've fallen into a nice routine. Wake up. Chug water. Hot shower. Sit down with my iced oat latte and laptop. Work until 4 or 5, then workout and dinner. Bedtime at 11. Except not really, because the best ideas have a way of popping into my head at 2am :)

I'm happy to say we have finalized 5 sketches for this year, including one larger tote, two shoulder bags, and small accessories like a cardholder and laptop sleeve. I know some of you are looking forward to a larger wallet as well, and I promise it will come later! Wallets (the individual card slots in particular) require a thinner material than we ordered for our larger bags and isn't feasible at the moment. But we have wallet designs at the ready!

But before launching new bags, we’ll be restocking our tried and true favorites. As always, we’ll be starting with preorders, with limited quantities for everything and estimated delivery in mid-May. Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for the waiting list, you’ll be receiving an email from us soon :) 

Lots of love, 
Jenny and Her Dark Circles  


Here is what you can look forward too!

The Linnea ToteWe are restocking the Linnea in Black, Caramel, and our updated shade of Cappuccino.

The Shoulder Bag: We're making this one in Black!

The Paloma Tote: Also will be made in Black :)

The Cardholder: Sneak peek coming soon, this one will be made in Cappuccino, Caramel, and Black. We'll be shipping matching cardholders with each preorder (surprise!) 

As usual we offer free shipping and returns on every item, including preorders. And if you weren’t sure about your address when preordering I am always happy to change it for you later! 


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