Looking Ahead.

Looking Ahead.

Looking forward to 2021 💛

I remember this time last year I was a month away from launching Freja, and had such grand plans. I wanted to sell out our first collection, move into an office space, start building a team...and then the world went into lockdown. Priorities shifted. I moved all the inventory back to my apartment, and got creative taking product photos in various corners of my box sized living room.

Instagram can make brands look a lot bigger than they are. But for our first year it’s just been me. And anytime I say “we,” I’m referring to me and my cranky chronically overheating Macbook. I pack every order, write every note, answer every email, and know every customer by name. Some days we receive the sweetest messages from you. Those are the best days. Other days we don’t get any orders at all.

But what a blessing it has been. Taking our first year slow meant I had the opportunity to really connect with you. Not in a company/consumer kind of way, but as people. As friends. I clearly defined the kind of company I want Freja to be. One that serves people and the planet, and advocates for a future where we do more with less. And finally, our little team is growing! Last month I started working with a small marketing team (shoutout to Emma and Icaro) and we just shot our first video campaign with @giwils. Our second collection, which I’ve been working on for a year, will ship next week. The cranky old laptop has finally been retired for a fresh one. And at the end of the day, I got to spend this year doing what I love. I mean how lucky can a girl get?!

Thank you. For taking on chance on us, for believing in us, for every like, comment, message, and email. Thank you for being a part of Freja, and building this company with me from the ground up.

Here’s to you <3

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