Our First Restock

Our First Restock

Our first time bringing back a bag - the Linnea Tote in Latte. Everything is a little smoother, a little faster, and (just a little) less anxiety-inducing the second time around. Shipping in quarantine has been an fun challenge - our living room has been transformed into a warehouse since the bags arrived. I’ve been knee deep in packages for the last couple days, writing notes, printing labels, and taping boxes in between bowls of peanut butter Puffins cereal. So much cereal. Preorder week is the best. So excited for these bags to go to their new homes! 

This batch has new dustbags, new collateral, and new tags. I decided to tuck the tags inside the card slots instead of hanging them on the bag this time. Every little bit of material saved is a win. Just because hangtags are the way it's always been done doesn't mean it can't be done better!

A huge thank you to everyone who preordered, I can’t wait for you to receive your bags ❤️ Thank you for choosing to spend your time and money on my tiny brand - I don't (and will never) take your trust and support lightly. 

Special shoutout to Maureen who was our first preorder this batch. I hope you love your bag! 

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