A Lesson From Our First Launch.

Afew months ago, I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers, and placed a small order with our factory.  300 bags. 150 in latte, and 150 in black. Then I hoped for the best.

The latte color has since sold out (!) and is maintaining a waitlist, but we still have half our black bags in stock. We plan to launch a few new bags this year, each in a few different colors. Now that’s a lot of guessing and hoping, with huge room for error. Leftover product. Waitlists.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I recognized within the first two weeks of launch that the latte color would sell more quickly. Imagine if I knew that before placing the order. 

It's really important to me that Freja only creates meaningful products for everyone involved. That means only making the bags you want, and creating as little waste as possible along the way. It means asking our artisans to only make bags guaranteed to be cherished. 

Building a responsible brand is a team effort, and creating a meaningful product has to involve you from the very beginning of the journey.

We're doing things differently moving forward, and launching each bag with preorders first. Then we'll make exactly what you want. Less guessing. No waste.  

Thank you for proving me wrong. 

I thought there was absolutely zero chance that anyone would be willing to preorder a bag from us when we initially launched. A tiny company with no reputation, and only one product.

But you proved me wrong in February. We got our first couple orders a month before our official launch. And they kept coming.

You proved me wrong once again in April, when we closed our warehouse for over a month in compliance with local COVID guidelines. You continued to place orders and support us even when we weren't able to ship immediately.

You gave me the courage to switch to a made-to-order model, something we're only able to do because we have the best community. People who are happy to wait for a thoughtfully made product. 

The next time we place an order with our factory, it will be because 100 of you have asked and trusted us to make a bag for you. 

Love letters from launch #1 ❤️

Thank you for joining us ❤️

Lessons From Our First Launch

Lessons From Our First Launch

The next time we place an order with our factory, it will be because 100 of you have asked and trusted us to make a bag for you. 

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