Collection 2 (On You)

Collection 2 (On You)

After a year in the making, Collection 2 is being delivered to their new homes ❤️ What a way to kick off the new year :)

Some behind-the-scenes action. This is our entire living room floor covered with boxes ready to be packed with your goodies.


A lot of you have already received your pieces! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what you think <3

Coffee runs with @menzabolamba ❤️


*wipes away tear* @lalysssa 🥺❤️

The sweetest @allison_duval ❤️


A New York City moment with @learnedfrombadgirlriri ❤️


Looking cozy with @betterby_britt ❤️


Longtime supporter and friend @deannalapointe ❤️


Leaving the comfort zone with @menzabolamba ❤️


Unboxing with @nadineelised ❤️




A happy @theemfiles ❤️

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